Casinfo Acres
present the iSlot Demo App

Gary Kuipers, presidentThanks for your interest in the iSlot. It represents a fundamental change in the direction of gaming and we are proud to be international distributors of this amazing product.

This is a gaming device with exciting games you can see and feel. We hope you enjoy the demo and we look forward to being in your casino soon!

— Gary Kuipers, President, Casinfo

To add the demo app, click on the link that you received via email.


  1. Download the files to a known subdirectory of a Win 7 or Win XP computer using your favorite web browser.
  2. You should have, for example: A4 Demo S6090
  3. Connect the iPad to the Windows computer. Sync will launch automatically. When sync is finished iTunes will say:
  4. Click the DEVICES area:
  5. The top bar will change as follows:
  6. Click “Apps”. The center of the screen will change to Apps view:
  7. In Windows explorer highlight the app you want to add to the iPad
  8. Doubleclick the icon and the synchronization will begin
  9. A popup will appear showing the files are being downloaded
  10. When completed the  folder will show as follows:

    and the apps screen will show the imported folder

Note: the screen on the iPad may NOT show the application. In this case, disconnect the iPad, reconnect and resync.