iSlot Questions and Answers

How did the iSlot concept start?

As casino operators we sometimes don't see what is right in front of us. We buy bigger, taller slot machines with more lights that generate more heat and require more air-conditioning in order to attract customers. So then a group of the 21 to 40 year olds come in. These are social animals. They have one look, they see they need to be separated, they turn around and they go someplace else. An as casino operators we ask ourselves "why are younger people not in out casinos?" The answer is: "We told them to go away!".

Ever wonder why poker worked with that younger crowd? "Competition and social setting".

iSlot takes those concepts and applies them to slots. The iSlot is portable so people can form groups anywhere the casino allows it. The group formations are dynamic. Suddenly there is a social component to gaming again. (You are aware that "casino" means "meeting place" in old Greek?). So each person can play the game they like AND spend time with their friends.

Then the iSlot goes further. Slideways is a competition between players in a skill based game that is also a slot being played. Tournament play for the yourger client is now a reality, and it's FUN!

1. To start implementing the product, what exactly would we need? (Hardware, software and infrastructure)

The game works where you provide a wireless signal to the iPad. You would provide the wireless infrastructure and the iPads (iPods for the cashiers if you want them to be small and portable). We would provide the servers. Other than that all the reports are web based so you can use your existing back office computers and printers. On a note for the future, we will be hosting from a “Super NAP” in Las Vegas, which means there is the option of no server at all.

2. What certifications do you have?

The product has all the GLI certifications that are required:

  1. GLI 11 - Gaming devices In Casino
  2. GLI-13 - On Line Monitoring and Control Systems
  3. GLI 16 - Cashless Systems In Casinos
  4. GLI 18 - Promotional Systems in Casinos
  5. GLI 21 - Client Server Systems
  6. GLI 26 -Wireless Gaming Systems
  7. GLI RNG Certification

3. Language – Can we have the game instructions in out local language?

For now we can only offer in English. Eventually we will be translating to other languages

4. Currency – Can we use local currency?

It is whatever currency you want it to be. In the plans is a money acceptance kiosk for the product and eventually it will be able to do currency conversions.

5. Games – What are the RTP ranges of the games…? Would you be able to supply us with statistics i.e. Volatility ranges etc.?

Currently we have three types of games.

  1. Fixed Payback Games -- These can't be modified at all.
    • Keno
    • Deuces Wild
    • Jacks or Better
  2. Constant Payback Games -- These can have their payback set to nearest .1%, but have the same payback percent for each denom.
    • Heart of the Knight
    • Kilts and Clovers
    • Win, Lose or Draw
  3. Fully Variable Games -- These games can be adjusted to nearest 0.1% and can have a unique payback for each denom.  This is done with WinSpins.
    • Slideways
    • Money for Nudgin
    • Money Moon
    • Blazing Bingo (forthcoming)

Going forward we hope to turn all the "Constant Payback Games" into "Fully Variable Games."

To explain further, Winspins are like Mulligans in golf. They are “do-overs” of losing outcomes which then increase the chance of winning (you see a losing outcome but you get to retry, it has a nice psychological effect on customers).

6. Accounting – How does the accounting work. Does it back up onto a server? How can we extract this information, include into the casino accounting and report on it?

The iPad is actually a display device only. The game occurs in the server and there are redundant database servers. The conversation between the iPad and the server is limited to the iPad sending “this button was pressed” and the server then sends “show this result” or “show this screen”. There is a large suite of reports that the casino can use to manage and analyze the iSLot

7. Buy In / Cash out

  1. How does this work from a customer’s perspective…?
    • For the moment there are three ways to cash in and two to cash out.
      • Cash in at cage when the client retrieves the iPad
      • Cash in with a walk about cashier who uses a money pouch and an iPad or iPod to communicate cash in transactions to the server for placement in the customer’s account. The walk about cashier can also offer the iPads to the customers.
      • Cash acceptance kiosk (about to go in for GLI approval) which uses a camera to recognize the iPad and transact with it
      • Cash Out when the customer returns the iPad to the cage
      • Cash out with a walk about cashier who uses a money pouch and an iPad or iPod to communicate cash in transactions to the server for placement in the customer’s account and retrieves the iPad when the customer finishes.
    • Soon we will have a cash acceptance kiosk.
  2. Can this only be done via your dispenser / acceptor or are there other ways…. (We have our own cashing machines and do not really want to install different / additional ones…)
    • Interfaces to other cash devices are in the works but will be a while (answer October 2011).

8. Security – The first question my IT dept. will have will be security on WIFI… How do you manage and secure the game and customer data…

As described above, the role of communications is very very limited and very very encrypted. Since the only thing the iPad can do is communicate player actions to the server there is no security risk.The Pad is just a display device.

9. I see that points are accumulated as you play… How does this work? Is it configurable? What can a customer do with the points…? (Redeem for goods / cash). We have our own loyalty system and hopefully we can incorporate into his/her existing points…  

The points system is configurable. For now the point system is withing the iSlot A4 platform. We are working on interfaces to other systems.

10. How many games do you have available now and what is the development and rollout strategy per year…?

Presently (October 2011 ) we have 9 games available with a 10th up very soon. In 2012 the plan is to increase the library to 13 and then keep going. Since the arrangement is participation, we plan to keep the platform fresh and interesting.

11. Are there additional costs involved to get new games when developed (game licenses)…?

Our plan is to provide an extensive library of games that you can choose from. Since this is a participation agreement our policy is to allow you to select whatever you consider best. Also note that we will never force you to offer a game to customers. The only case where we might ask for additional moneys is if we have to pay third party license fees (e.g. royalties per day on an “Aerosmith” game) and our policy on that case is as a reimbursement of the additional fees. We will charge you what we are charged. And of course we would charge the participation in any WAP we manage. But then you have the option of including or excluding games so you are in control.

12. Would you be willing to consider Exclusivity for a period?

Everyone asks that one! It depends on the market. A market where there are “exclusive zones” for casinos (based on the distance between them)  it make little sense, but if we are talking a market where you are dominant then certainly we can discuss exclusivity given certain minimums during the exclusivity period.

13. Can we add game content to the iSlot?

In a word, yes. The platform was specifically designed to be open to this sort of collaboration. Our policy in this regard is to ask for a guarantee from you which would be paid back by your our side of the revenue split (I am assuming you would want exclusivity of your games in your markets). If we could further offer your games in non competing markets then we can make a financial arrangement for that.

14. Can we have the games in the local language?

The platform is currently multilingual capable but changes to the game itself require regulatory approvals. If the game is doing well in certain language groups this will speed the translation as we wish to make the games as appealing to your customers as possible.