Casinfo Acres 4.0

presents the iSlot!

Casino Gaming on an iPad Platform

Screenshots of various iSlot games.

How does the iSlot work?

iSlot is a wireless display device that triggers the game and shows the result of the game as played on a server.

Wireless coverage areas and detectors at doorways.iSlot works within a range determined by wireless access points.

Wireless coverage is planned to keep the client within the legal gaming area. The range can be configured as shown by the BLUE circles in the diagram at the left.

iSlot uses kiosks to accept and dispense money.

iSlot acceptor and acceptor/ dispenser.iSlot can be played on the customers iPad or on one loaned by the casino.

Loaned iPads have a security device that keeps them from being removed from the casino:

  1. Electronic barrier (similar to security devices used in retail store, see RED rectangles above)
  2. Anchored iSlots (tethered) (requires walkabout cashiers)
  3. iSlots in fixed positions, such as on armchairs at a lounge (requires walkabout cashiers)

The A-4 Platform

A-4 Platform (pdf)